Wednesday, April 16, 2008



So, I share this softer, gentler, crative side of Rix and no one comments. But I get my bitch on and ya'll are like Cousin Bus after I won the lottery? (Actually, my dad really does have a cousin named Bus...I think he lives down near Effingham).

What's a well mannered girl to do? Indulge and feed my inner bitch just to please you? Or express the kind, loving and warm Rix everyone outside of blogger-land knows and loves?

Well. I guess we'll all just have to wait and see. Inspiration, nay, bitchiness is a gift that must be cultivated and honed. It's not something to throw out there willy-nilly.

Similarly, my warm, loving and gentle nature should not be over-run with bitterness and nastiness.

I'm like a delicate flower. Give me a minute or two and I'm sure to bloom.

Or blow the fucking room up.


Michael said...

So sorry! Please to maintain warm, loving and gentle nature! Blowing up of rooms is not good.

Jennifer said...

There does seem to be something about a rant that draws the comments!

The other day I wrote a draft about good things. It was boring and I deleted it. The next day I wrote about my kids being a pain in the ass and it was a much better post... I don't know why it's easier to bitch in an entertaining way!

Katie said...

Delicate flower? I have a story that would blow that all to hell! :)