Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Public Service Announcement

This PSA goes out to parents of teenagers or parents of kids who will someday BE teenagers.

Below is a glossary of terms I've recently come to learn and appreciate. Please note that I do not teach in an urban setting. All of my students are as white as they come and many come from normal, average homes.

4:20 - this is a time and/or a day that's referred to when kids are talking about smoking weed. Now, 4:20 on 4/20 is a sight to see. And many drug rehab facilities will NOT discharge patients on 4/20.a [btw, the story goes that 4/20 is "Bicycle Day", the day when a scientist messing with LSD took a bike ride home]

dank bud
- this is exceptionally good weed; as in "Dude, that was some dank bud!"

cush - (as in push)- this, again, means good weed.

drow - (like throw) - ditto

ballin' - this means driving around, being cool, spending money..."We were ballin' on Saturday"

beats - tunes, music "You gotta check out my beats" (usually this means listening to music that's playing in your car and you have reeeaaalllly loud subwoofers.

That's I all can think of now. But this will surely be updated as my experience progresses.


nathan harris said...

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Jennifer said...

Hmm..... when I got to "ballin" my mind was going a totally different direction!