Friday, March 14, 2008

Feeling Guilty

I'm feeling so guilty today! I was supposed to go help in #2's class but I played hooky. I don't have school today because we had parent teacher conferences ALL DAY yesterday...12 hours worth!

So, I just ran around, did some errands, and DIDN'T go to #2's school.

I guess I feel guilty because I used to be "That Mom". Once upon a time, when we lived in Oshkosh. I made heart shaped Cookie Pops for Valentine's Day. I was the President of the PTO. I served on the District's School Improvement Committee. I helped every week (if not twice a week) in the boys' classrooms. We had a tradition of making pinatas each time the boys had a birthday. I babysat for my best friend's twins so SHE could help in her kid's classroom.

I loved (almost) every moment of it, too. But it was tiring. And although much of it was done because I just loved being in their classrooms and making memories, there was a certain amount that was driven by this image of what a "Good Mom" is supposed to be. Because I put my career on hold and I didn't work full time outside the home, I felt that all those things were expected of me. Like that if I DIDN'T be "That Mom" then what the heck was I staying home for?

But I was a crazy person then, too. Errr....crazier. I ran myself ragged.

So, I guess that's why I feel guilty when I bag on being the classroom helper once in a while. It sorta brings up some of those feelings like I should do more than I do. Those notes come home from school about helping at the Book Fair and all that jazz...I wish there was some kinda lapel pin that I could wear that would indicate to all "Those Moms" that I've already put my time in.

It really was a glorious day, though!

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