Saturday, March 29, 2008

Enough Already

I consider myself moderately informed about politics. I like to watch Meet the Press (my folks watched it when I was a kid), Bill Maher, John Stewart and I to tune in to CNN or C-Span for background noise.

But I gotta say...this shit's getting old. There's nothing new. It's the same old same old every god damned day. "You suck", "No YOU suck"..."Your friends suck"..."Your friends suck harder."

Why aren't we talking about the economy? Gas is $3.50 a gallon! Groceries are getting ridiculous...I'm paying $6 for a fucking gallon of organic eggs are $3 and dozen.

My insurance company was just bought by Humana...what's that going to mean for me? My kids? Is this gonna be another case of "Well Mrs. Rix, we're sorry, we're only going to pay for your kids to have their medicine for 5 more years and then you'll have reached your cap"? Or will it be "Oh, Mrs. Rix, we know your boys are getting the safest, purest medicine right now, but we will only pay for them to have the cheaper stuff." Err, no, wait, maybe it will mean that Mr. Rix better bust his ass and make sure he doesn't piss anyone off at work lest he be given a poor performance review and let go. We're a huge insurance liability. That's o.k. If that happens, we'll get divorced (on paper) and I'll quit working so that we can qualify for Medicaid. Oh, no, wait...that's no better.

If you think that doesn't happen...think again. Everyone reading this here diatribe (all 2 of you...mare and brenda) are one sick kid away from the same nightmare. Keep praying you don't have a car wreck or get cancer.

And, no, I'm not on a pity party this week. I'm just pissed. Ask anyone who knows us well, our lives do not revolve around the chronic medical condition we live with. But it's there. It's always there. My kids KNOW they need jobs with insurance. They KNOW we moved here because of insurance. Is it unfair for them to know that? I don't think so. Not in this day and age.

Oh sure, my friends on the 'internets' are talking about this stuff, but where's the god damned mainstream media? Every single person I know is affected by this bullshit.

4,000 dead in Iraq? And those are just the Americans. All I heard was that we're going to start blaming the gradual increase in violence over there on Iran. Except McCain thinks that Iran is training El bad is it when Joe Lieberman has to whisper in your ear that you got it wrong? WTF? I know families who have been torn up over this. Men and women are footing the bill.

Where are my peers? Where is the outrage?

Oh, I know, we're to fucking busy trying to keep our jobs, pay our mortgages and afford gas to get us to work for THE MAN.


postsimian said...

Did I ever tell you that you're my hero on some days?

Rixblix said...

I know, I know. And the wind beneath your wings on others. Thanks.

Michael said...

I swear to God you stole my rant, the one just before my wife turns the evening news off and hides the remote. I think it has been since Super Tuesday when I have seen any intelligent life on television and that was just barely. The worst part is that on evenings when my wife works late (cuz we can use the $$) I nearly shout myself hoarse at the television without her there to turn it off. (Duh? How intelligent is that?) I am absolutely with you ... what do we do and when do we start!

Jennifer said...

Oh, I'm with you on the rant. I agree with it all and am especially with you on the insurance front. My co-pay at work (per month) went from $175 to $653! It's literally come down to having health insurance or paying our mortgage. I'm just crossing our fingers that no one gets sick. Even a broken arm would be devastating at this point.