Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dramatic Exits

I don't know what the deal is. I can stick my kids with sharp pointy needles and do the whole blood thing but the minute the puking starts I'm outta there.

#1 walked in the door yesterday and said "Mom, I got that bad burpy taste in my mouth." In case you didn't know, that's #1-speak for "I don't feel so good, Mom." Then he proceeds to try several different snacks (a cookie, an apple, a fruit snack, a Popsicle) to see if he really DOES have a bad taste in his mouth. He ate about 1/4 each item and then pitched it.

Supper went down fine, but about 30 minutes later he said "Uh-oh" and curled up in a ball on the couch for the evening.

At bedtime he wanted to sleep in his sleeping bag on the floor (his bed is lofted way off the ground - to make room for the drums - and isn't conducive to a quick run to the bathroom). He promptly fell asleep....

until about 15 seconds after I fell asleep. At which point things started to dramatically exit his body.

And when we thought we had that settled down and everyone settled back into bed I dozed off again. For another 15 seconds until the stupid dog (a mini-doxie with cognitive disabilities - read: tard-o dog) started throwing up under the covers of our bed.

Then the kid again.

Then the dog again...this time under the bed.

And it was all capped off by the fact that WE DIDN'T HAVE A SNOW DAY.

(I hate the fucking weather man. What a tease.)

The 2 legged and 4 legged seem much better today. But there's still one more of each to contend with this evening. My fingers are crossed.


Jimi said...

Just wow. Barf-o-rama. At least you're not a sympathetic barfer, right?

Ramble On said...

When they get done filming Katie's life - they can start on yours!

Anonymous said...

Maybe a movie going back and forth between you and Kate - Two friends with screwed up days/nights/weeks/months/etc!

Jennifer said...

Oh, gosh. I feel for you. I can't deal with the puke either. My poor hubby will literally have to exit work if anyone starts to upchuck.

I hope the illness doesn't spread!
Best wishes,