Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Crafty McCrafster

I've always got a crafty crap project going on. In fact, we have a whole table in our lower level that we call the "crafty crap" table. It's our old kitchen table from Up North. It's where the kids do their homework. My sewing machine is sitting there right now waiting for me to do the curtains for my classroom (that I started in August). I've got a tin flower pot thingy with all my "straight" knitting needles and a tackle box with all my circular knitting needles up there too. Mr. Rix has a stack of books sitting there and it's also where I tend to pile the boys clothes that need mending. (Do people even mend clothes anymore?)

My crafty crap table is a metaphor for my life, sometimes. So many projects, so little time.

I took up knitting about 10 years ago. I go in spurts where I knit like crazy...but it never seems like I finish anything, though! I've got this sweater that is sitting in a plastic tub with no sleeves. It beautiful! I knit it more for the challenge (it's got some very intricate cable patterning)just to see if I could do it. Unfortunately, I used the sleeve yarn for a couple baby hats for friends.

I also did this blanket but I didn't like the way it turned out so I ripped it out and did something else with the yarn. I chose cheap yarn, again, just to see if I could handle the difficult pattern. The yarn didn't do that pattern justice. Someday I'll do it again with really nice, expensive yarn.

I don't think I'm ADD, except when it comes to my crafty crap.


Ramble On said...

I used to crochet a lot. I get compulsive and can't put it down. Have not done any in a long time. I hate doing crafts since once started I cannot stop. I don't just do curtains for one room, when I start, every room gets them. All with $1.00 a yard WalMart fabric!

Jennifer said...

I have never learned how to knit, crochet, or cross stitch. The closest I've ever come is learning to macrame in girl scouts.

I wish I could be crafty, but I just don't have the patience.

Most Prepossessing said...

You're much more advanced than I am. Cute! You so have to come to my stitch n bitch that I am planning to have sometime this month. Happy February.

Exblick said...

Well, MP, I'm game for a stitch 'n bitch so long as ya got some bitchin' stitchers!

Katie said...

Sweet! I'll pick you up so you can ride with me to Names!