Monday, January 7, 2008

Brain Cells

I've talked ad nauseam about what a great guy Mr. Rix is. And he really is. But there's something people don't know about him.

He's a ditz.

He's truly the smartest person I know. He was 4 hours shy of a B.S. in History with a Minor in Art History and a Minor in Anthropology when I met him. He's probably earning more with his A.S. as an MRI Tech than he could've hoped for with that B.S. But, damn, he can bust out some crazy ass trivia. Usually I don't believe him and have to look it up for myself...and he's right 99.9% of the time. Of course, I don't tell him's best to keep this information to myself.

But he's very forgetful and absentminded.

I forget sometimes that Mr. Rix is forgetful. But this is about his forgetfulness...not mine.

Saturday we went to a local video game store so he could return the game I bought him and exchange it for the game he really wanted. (That's the last time I count on the boys to give me the skinny.)

Since I'd already done my time in the video game store with the purchase of Mr. Rix's first gift, I went next door to a clothing store I'd never been in. I walked out of the dressing room to see him tugging on the "soul patch" section of his beard...not a good sign. This usually means he's very nervous and anxious. I, of course, assumed it was because he thought the top I tried on was really ugly and he was nervous I would want to buy it.

He said something really fast to me that sounded like: "Our debit card was rejected. They tried it twice. I had to put the game on the Visa." (And no, it didn't occur to him NOT to buy the game.) Even though I knew there was plenty of money in the account, I put the shirt back. No need to add to his panic.

I tell people I married him for his ass. HE tells people I married him for his credit rating. We've been broke for a really long time. Having a little extra money is strange for us, hence the anxiety.

So, as we approach the car, we discuss the fact that there HAD to be money...we both had been paid the day before. I assured him I hadn't ordered another new laptop or spent my paycheck at Judge's Chamber the night before!

We head to the big box evil empire of the world store.

As soon as we walked in, he headed to the ATM to check the balance. I went with and looked over his shoulder.

The little screen that asks for the PIN number showed up and he entered some random number not really even close to our actual PIN number.

Says me, "Whose PIN number is that? Your girlfriend's?"
Says he, "No, that's ours."

So. We figured out why the debit card was rejected. Seems Mr. Rix had forgotten our PIN number...the same number he'd used the day before...the same PIN number we've had since moving here in 2005.

Uh. Yeah. It's a good thing he's got a cute butt.

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Jennifer said...

I've had the same PIN number for AGES and the other day I was waiting in line at a machine and suddenly panicked... What if I can't remember the number?
It was so weird, because usually I type it in, no thought at all, and I guess it was actually thinking about it that was the problem.