Sunday, November 11, 2007

Halloween and Hippies

So, that's what they looked like going door to door! Cracked me up. I helped draw the sign, but the text was all #1's idea. He didn't think the neighbors would appreciate an 11 year old with "Make Love, Not War". Heh.

#2 and I did the dyes on Monday and had a blast.

It reminded me of the summer I stayed in a house with some friends (the summer I met The Man). One was a total Hippie (mind you, this was '92) who made money selling tie-dyes at Dead Shows. He would spend one day prepping the shirts, one day tieing and dye-ing and kept them a day in plastic bags.

But the best was when he untied them all, washed them and hung them out on the line. I loved coming home from teaching to a backyard of color! It was beautiful. T-shirts, dresses, scarves, sheets...That was a pretty fun summer, too. Scottie calls now and then. He's in Oregon somewhere doing something totally off the grid. He was definitely born about 10 years too soon. Hope you're well Scottie. Blickem, Blickem, Blickem.

From the looks of this Halloween, my kids might have been born a little too soon , too!


Jennifer said...

Aw.. how cute.
I love the wigs.
I remember tie dying things with my mom as a child, so much fun.

Exblick said...

The black one is a wig but the blonde is #1's real hair!