Wednesday, October 31, 2007


For the last couple nights I'd been hearing what I thought was a bird squacking at night.

Tonight we had the doors open and I realized (along with the boys) that it was a kitten mewing.

So, #1 and I took off into the backyard to see what was up. What was up was a very tiny grey kitten all alone in the middle of the yard.

I know better than to assume it was orphaned, except that it's been mewing for a couple days.

So, we brought it into the garage and there it sits. I tried to ask for help on a local forum (yeah, THAT one) but I've been banished. I even tried to open a new account and ask for help.

See, we're going to be unavailable for a few days and have no way to get in touch with the shelter. And I don't know anyone around here, so I don't know who to call.

#2 is up in his bed, no doubt worried about the fate of the puffball.

I'll return him to the yard and hope that his mama will find him. Or that he lasts till we can get some help. I told #1 and #2 that we did the best we could. We warmed him up and gave him some love till his mama can find him. I hope I'm right.


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Ramble On said...

Come on over to I sent you a message at, but don't know if you can get your messages from there. We would love to have you come over and play!!