Thursday, August 2, 2007

It's Hot

There are quite a few things we miss about living in Wisconsin.

One of those is the weather.

The saying in Oshkosh was "If you don't like the weather here, wait 10 minutes, it'll change." Which was pretty true. We are a cold weather family. We love the winter, the snow, and all it entails.

Of course, the winters were long and come April, we all got a bit tired of everything looking grey and mucky. But it was a fair trade off.

Now that we are in Central Illinois I am especially missing the northern weather. I hate it hot. The only thing I hate more than hot is hot and humid. And this place is hot and humid.

We had hot days in Oshkosh. But that was it....days. Not weeks and weeks. And a hot day was 85. I hate having the central air on and my house closed up. I'd close it up when we lived up north, but after 3 days I could usually open the windows and doors again.

Here we go weeks without opening the house up. Yuck.

Up north we would occasionally suffer from Cabin Fever, but then we'd just bundle up and head outside, knowing we could come in and warm up with some hot chocolate and chili.

Here we have cabin fever in the summer. It gets too hot to go to the pool - there's no shade there. It's too hot to sit outside in the shade. And it's not like you can take more clothes off to cool off.

There are positives to the warmer climate...the growing season is much longer and I can grow melons and tomatoes and things that need more warmth and sun.

But we do miss the northern weather.

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