Friday, July 27, 2007

In Real Life

My husband and I play that game of "You can 'do' one celebrity". He used to always pick Winona Ryder. Mine switched a lot more often but had a common theme: Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, Johnny Knoxville, Eminem (who knows), Billie Joe Armstrong...for me it's always bad-boy rocker types. I guess. He seems to like brunettes (thank goodness), a nice hinder (butt) and some intelligence.

This has also led to conversations about who we'd like to hang out with, just for one night. And not in a "Oooh, he/she is a ______star, wouldn't it be cool?" But in, "Invite us over for supper, play us your favorite records, sit around and talk for hours" kind of thing. And we'd go as a couple.

A few I can think of right off hand are:

Dave Grohl (he just seems like a fun guy...those Mentos videos)
Neil Young
Al Franken
Bill Clinton
James Carville (without his wife)

I can't think of who else right now. But with all the insanity of celebrity I find myself thinking about these people being just people. Just flawed human beings on their own journey. Some of us carry our baggage around like a worn backpack. Some of us tuck it into a bus station locker. But it's always waiting there for us. My shit's been buried in backyards, flushed down toilets, stapled to bulletin boards, deleted.... but somehow it always finds me. And I think my 30's have been a decade of learning a filing system.

The people I am most drawn to meeting are people who seem human, funny, smart and whose filing system I'd like to check out.

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